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Alumni Officers

Chairman of the Board

Kenneth Eric Growney ’82


Howard Benjamin Schaffer ’90

Vice President

Keith W. Robbins ’86


Patrick G. Kavanagh ’07

Recording Secretary

Rudy Koch ’00

Directors (Retiring October 2020)

Philip C. Ballard ’00
Matthew Colbert ’09
Michael R. Elliott ’87
Kenneth E. Growney ’82
Patrick G. Kavanagh ’07
Rudy Koch ’00
Jim McCormick ’69
Reed Henry Newman ’16
Thomas M. Rothfels ’77
Richard Seestedt ’86
Howard B. Schaffer ’90
Joseph Tucceri Jr. ’00
John R. Tuttle ’81

Directors Emeriti

George M. Kennedy ’52
John S. Dyson ’65

Cornell Star and Crescent Foundation

Colin H. Williams ’92

Undergraduate Officers


Alexander Flynn ’19

Vice President

Ward Shattan ’19


Sam Adler ’21


Calvin Hulse ’21

Social Chairs

Dillon Anadkat ’21
Richie Hrncir ’21
Spencer Liebowitz-Rothstein ’19


Max Weiss ’19

Literary Chair

Brent Romanow ’19

Philanthropy Chair

Garrett Berger ’19